Monday, 14 March 2016

#marchmeetthemaker MissMinoes's week 1 in 7 photo's

Instagram is probably my favourite social media.
As a person is a nice way to improve your photo snapshot skills. Because it makes you look at the world differently. (This can be a good thing (in an artistic way) or a bad thing (too many diner-on-a-plate shots).)
As a small business it is a visual way to show whatyou're all about.
As a catlover it is a great way to share your precious pets.

With my two small businesses on Etsy (Miss Minoes and All Fairness) I am taking part of an Instagram Challenge by Joanne Hawker (Etsy shop: Joanne Hawker Design and illustration).

Here's the challenge she set us:

Just follow the hashtag #MarchMeetTheMaker on Instagram and explore many small businesses and their stories!

Here is my first week in 7 photos:
1. Brand image

2. You

3. Workspace

4. Tools

5. Can't live without

6. Raw materials

7. How & why?

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